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All current employees are required to participate in the InService Training Program. This program is to help provide valuable information for common issues/questions that come up in a home healthcare employee’s daily routine. To begin, please select a link from the list below. This will take you to the lesson. Once you have completed the lesson, please print the certificate at the end of each lesson and bring it to the main TLay office in St. Augustine, FL. You may also send the certificates by mail. Please note that ALL activities must be completed by each employee. The order in which these activities are completed is not relevant.

To begin, please select a link from the list below

» Alzheimers Disease
» Basic Nutrition
» Behavior Management
» Bloodborne Pathogens & Standard Precautions
» Caring for Patients With Dementia
» Child Abuse
» Depression and Anxiety
» Diabetes
» Elder Abuse and Neglect
» End of Life Care
» Heart Disease
» HIV Infection
» Incontinence and Constipation
» Infection Control Guidelines
» In-Service Education Topics By Quarter
» Lifting and Transferring
» Malnutrition and Dehydration
» Medical Device Reporting
» Mental Illness
» Oxygen Therapy
» Patient Bill of Rights
» Personal Care
» Psychosocial Care
» Range of Motion and Positioning
» Respiratory Disorders
» Seizures and Strokes
» Skin Care
» Tuberculosis
» Understanding Pain
» Vital Signs
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